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My Vision of the Future

"One Nation Earth"


20 January 2010

* ONE *

* ONE *

Jan 08

It will take many centuries and a lot of churning processes
for mankind to realise their essential humanity
and interdependence
beyond the diversities of race, culture, religion,
or geographical boundaries - and to merge and create a united

"One Nation Earth"


This process could be achieved much faster out of necessity
if it came to a sudden threat from outer space.
Looking at the world affairs as they are right now
the hope of a Unified Earth during my life time
looks like the flame of a candle in the heart of a hurricane
- not a chance!


I would like to be part of it
and the only way to do so is
by starting now to actively cultivate
within my own mentality and consciousness
and to promote, the idea of
A One Nation Earth.

I invite each and all who believe in this idea
and would like promoting it, solely by Peaceful means,
to Join and help Realise

The Vision of the Future

"One Nation Earth"



Inclusive rather than exclusive of Diversity


Posted by Orion
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Better World

A Better World

May 08

I so very much desire to see
A Better World!

Why do I so very much desire, or care to see
A Better World
when my own days in it are so pitifully numbered?

It is not Just a desire
It is a strong sense of Duty and a deep sense of Purpose

Even though I know this dream will take many centuries
before it gets anywhere near everyday reality
the thought of departing before I see and live this Vision
leaves me with the sad sense of ''Something Unfinished''

What is it in me that so very passionately desires to see

A Better World...


Posted by Orion
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As One...

As One

( Humanity must build )

"A world that stands as one"

Senator Barack Obama
Berlin speech July 25, 2008

Posted by Orion
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Global Responsibility

Oct 07

This Beautiful Planet we live on

the part of country or land we occupy and its natural resources

are our 'responsibility' to care for and protect

rather than our 'right' to use and abuse or destroy.


Posted by Orion
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April 08


In an era of so many different choices
of available contraception
and a planet stretched to most dangerous limits of resources
mankind multiplies
with an incredulously disproportionate speed

Almost faster... than Bacteria...


Posted by Orion
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Turning Point...

A Turning Point?

April 08

There will be no saddest moment - nor a more regretful one
than when mankind wakes up to the unpalatable reality
that most of its misfortunes and most of its miseries
as an inhabitant of this precious planet
are nothing but the result of its own ignorant doings or neglects.

Would that be then a turning point in its history and existence
or will it be the last glimpse of a 'moment too late'
in a series of countless acts of irreversible consequences?...


Posted by Orion
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Beyond Beliefs ...

Beyond Beliefs...


Belief is an involuntary endorsement of a theory
that serves as security, stability, certainty
and to some degree permanency.

One inherent danger in its nature is that it is adopted
in an involuntary, often unconscious, automatic way
even when derived from or without systematic observations
or mental analytical processes.

Once imbedded in a holder's realm of "reality"
it tends to gather a life of its own
and concretise itself into an immovable force
which as such inevitably may imprison the holder
and impede clear vision and growth.

Faith is an even blinder instrument in that
it can exist without need for proof of existence
or correctness of its object.

Can man possibly live without Belief or Faith
especially when these two are often serving as the props of Hope?

Beyond Beliefs ...

Just observing, examining,assessing and reassessing
all evolving in the world outside
and all transformations taking place inside
ever alert, always alive.


Posted by Orion
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False Beliefs


False beliefs cannot protect from the events
pains and uncertainties of life's realities.

They may offer temporary comfort and shelter
but eventually they will be overturned
either by life on its path of manifestation
or by man's discoveries of laws and truths
he may have overlooked or misinterpreted.


Posted by Orion
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Unfortunate Misconceptions

Jan 08


We live our lives with and through
many unfortunate misconceptions
both in regards to ourselves and our place in the world
as well as the world that surrounds us,
interact with and are interdependent upon.

Unfortunate, because of their impact and effect on our lives.

Some misconceptions are founded on beliefs
-formed from various sources at various times-
while some beliefs are based on misconceptions
either personal or generally accepted.

We live and survive, despite of them and often
because of them.

Survival though does not equate with Quality of life.

Challenging ourselves from time to time
out of our secure ground
takes courage and determination
and a calm open and inquisitive mind.

The challenge is in being prepared to see
understand and acknowledge
that 'what we think we know'
may in fact be either incorrect, incomplete,
distorted or non existent.


Posted by Orion
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A Wiser Mind

Dec 07

Whenever we choose to put our faith in self created
or commonly accepted idols and authorities of the time
or superficial unsubstantiated and unsustainable beliefs
which can only offer temporary hope and comfort
we are bound to get disillusioned and disappointed
at some stage in the future.

The good news is that only the disappointment is bad
the result is growth, reassessment and a wiser mind.


Posted by Orion
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For Peace?...

For Peace or War?

Dec 07

For centuries, and to this modern day
when man has embarked to an unjust unwarranted war
either for religion, territory, resources or other human affairs
he has often done so proclaiming "God on our side"

When the war was not won
was there ever admission or any frank realisation
that "God was not on our side"
or that ''God was on the other side"....
and ..."did we make a mistake?"

Does God really take sides and for purposes
as trivial and ephemeral as the above?

How can anyone justify killing another human being
or nation on mass by using God as his... biased 'alliance'
and believe it as true?

Can man know or even control his own individual little destiny
let alone assume such enormous responsibility
of determining and executing horrific acts of violence
while proclaiming God on his side.

If God were displeased or angry with one group or other
would he really need man to fight His battles for him
by gun, death and destruction?

And where does massacre, rape and torture of innocent
- those 'little' casualties -
fit in this alliance?

Did man create humanity?
Does Man have any right to destroy or alter with violence
any part of humanity?

If God were to take sides
would there be anyone left
to utter such irresponsibly moronic claims... ever again?

Peace on Earth cannot be established by wishing it alone
while using false justifications for perpetuating wars
but by persistent determined actions to bring an end
to violence and war against other human beings or nations.

Maybe when finally Man has found a right and just way
of creating, respecting, serving and preserving a
One whole United Humanity
then he can justly claim that
"God is on our side"


Posted by Orion
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The Right Question

Dec 07

The right question is not whether there Is God or Not

The right question is
whether man is really looking for the answers for his existence
in a way that will lead him to finding God
or whether he is creating
both the answers as well as 'his own' God
from within his own limited mind and imagination.

The Question is Not whether this religion is right or that,
but whether religion, ceremony and tradition
are man's attempts to define, solidify, and most importantly...
...'control' God and thus his own destiny?

Can man truly find God in creating structures
from within his own limited field of perception
instead of being open, observant and receptive
to what surrounds him?


Posted by Orion
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In Whose Image?

Dec 07

Man needs a God in order to establish the origin of his creation
and the assurance of his continuation.

Man needs to control his own destiny
and needs God to be tangible and accessible
so he creates ceremony and tradition.

Man needs rules in order to survive and live orderly
so he creates ...'God's' will, heaven and even hell
and some 'evil' in the shape of entity
that 'pursues' him constantly.

(possibly because ...
the devil he knows is better than any devil he does not?)

Man fights wars in order to protect his faith,
his land and his resources
so he makes God his 'comrade' and 'protector'
and fights his own wars in His holy name.

Man needs to identify and align his image with God
so he makes God to have made him in His own image
-together with some obscure creation of ...'woman'
-as in Eve's case- to complete him ...or to tempt him???...

(Considering that half of humanity IS ...'woman'
her place and status in the creation begs for more explanation.
No doubt she had neither the chance nor any choice of input
in man's ideology of 'his' God and his God's creation)

Man feels vulnerable and insignificant in the midst
of a vast and unknown universe.
He needs to feel significant and indispensable
as well as to find some purpose in his existence
so he makes himself the center of God's creation
and all else considers as created for him and his use
and dominance.

All of this or some of it could to some degree be true,
but structured so rigidly and held so tightly for centuries,
stifles man's true ability to reach and touch
what is already there without any need to be invented.

It is like going to a well with a spoon
trying to bring up some water
instead of going to the river and swim directly in it.


Posted by Orion
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In Search...

In Search

29 Dec 07

Is a man
who has accepted or embraced a religion unquestioningly
through traditional indoctrination
by family, culture, ethnicity, or education
more religious or spiritual
than one fervently searching
or finding God and answers his own way?


Posted by Orion
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Genetically Modified?...

Genetically Modified?...

Nov 07

Genetically modified or artificially inseminated Ape?

I have great difficulty believing that One great God
created Man as One Perfect species
and as the Center of all Creation.

Whatever his misgivings, and they are many indeed,
man is undoubted the most fascinating creature on Earth
both in positive as well as in negative ways.

His astonishing ability to rise in the face of evil,
disaster or catastrophe, as a divine hero
through acts of benevolent kindness, bravery
and selfless sacrifice for the good of all humanity,
contrasted by his ability to descend into the most dark,
demonic, brutally barbaric acts of unthinkable sadistic
cruel violence and destruction
beyond any other beast on this planet,
indicates an utterly inexplicable duality, pointing to a possibility
of a merging of two entirely different species.

Is there potentially some missing or unknown -so far- link
that could free him from this loophole of duality
and cause the progression into an assimilation of both
and transformation into one that transcends
all current levels of 'beast and hero'
into one that reaches divine?

After all, has not this Always been
Man's deep Instinctual Aspiration,
Inner dream and Perpetual strife?


Posted by Orion
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Science Within

June 07

Man is still at a pre dawn stage of awareness
of his sensory capabilities.

His advanced imagination has served him well
through the immense development of science and technology
but has also contributed in depriving him,
by his one sided reliance,
of any chance of developing sensitivity, awareness
and knowledge of any subtle levels of expression
within his own vehicle

He has reproduced and externalised functions of which
there are many indications that they are abilities
that already exist and reside within his own brain
waiting to be discovered, recognised, trained and refined.

He relies upon mechanical devices, creations and inventions
of his own such as television, telephone, computers etc
just to name a few, to detect verify and operate elements
that his senses are not yet fully developed or trained
to register or operate and does not know or is aware
that they could possibly be controlled by equivalent senses
and functions within his own body.

So much has been thrown in the "unexplained" basket for now.

There will be a Future...
where the sensory discovery and eventual revolution
will unfold and grow in parallel with the advancement
of science until they both meet and possibly merge.

Then it will be clear which one gave birth to the other.


Posted by Orion
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Feb 08

Like a Tree
It simultaneously 'bears and 'becomes' its own Fruit and Seed.

Like a Seed
It contains All memories of its Past
and possesses the myriads of possibilities
of its multitude of Futures

It is neither possessed nor is expressed by
but rather It expresses Itself through All living beings
and their various stages of development

There is Only Consciousness

All else is just manifestation of Its endless expressions


Posted by Orion


Speech, Intelligence and Consciousness

Feb 08

Speech, Intelligence and Consciousness

Are considered to be the three elements
that distinguish man and place him on a separate level
from the rest of the world that surrounds him.

Within the scheme of interdependency, man is only a part
in that he depends upon an endless chain of other life forms
for his existence as much as they depend upon him for theirs
yet not always...

Many life forms can survive better without man's presence.

There are questions that arise in regards to those three elements
particularly the aspect of consciousness.

What is consciousness and is it really something unique to him
or is it one of his misconceptions
and in reality it is his inability to register or perceive
the aspect of consciousness in other life forms
because it appears different
and cannot be communicated back to him?

For example;

Man, at least at the present, cannot survive without the Earth
-both as a planet as well as for all it provides for him.

Yet, does Earth as a Planet
depend upon man for its existence?
It appears it does not
and can possibly survive even better without him.

From man's point of view though
the Earth is "just a planet" without consciousness
nor awareness.*

He might be excused for believing so-for how else could man get away
with so many detrimental actions he senselessly delivers upon Earth
- the sole sustenance of his life?

Could it possibly be that man is in the infancy stage of his evolution
and his present ignorance is tolerated by planet - mother - Earth
much as a mother would do with her toddler
or perhaps as a higher consciousness life form
with greater tolerance, patience and understanding?

The Sun is also absolutely essential not only for man's survival
but for practically everything that exists upon the face of Earth
while man is neither essential nor part of Sun's existence.

Yet from man's point of view
the Sun is also "just a celestial body - a ball of fire"
without consciousness nor awareness.

At this point man believes that he stands alone
as practically the only "creature" in his known universe
that has the kind of consciousness that sets him apart
from all else that surrounds him.

Is it possible though that man's consciousness
at the present stage of his evolution
is limited, rudimentary and undeveloped
and thus unable to perceive other finer or alternate levels
of consciousness far more developed than his own?


Posted by Orion
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22 Nov 04

An irrefutable reality is that most of us depend in many ways
upon other people one time or another.

Yet, within a greater reality that encompasses this appearance
no person ever, really depends upon another.

The essence of Life divides itself
into myriads of interchanging interdependent expressions...


Posted by Orion
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May 05

Our Body, which we take so much for granted
is a miraculous creation and a pure gift of Nature
and we have a sacred duty
to care for and treat with respect
at all times and in all situations.

How can it not be a pure gift of Nature
when it was created without our guidance
or our conscious participation
other than the initial union of our parents.

Created by bodily fluids which we humans
can neither rule, construct or create
and its very development and sustenance
solely depends upon the endless sacrifice
of other of Nature's creatures
whether animals, plants, minerals or water.

If we stop for a minute and consider this concept very carefully
and the depth of its importance especially since without it
we cannot experience this life as we know it
-and it is the only one we know-
isn't it apparent that we have a duty
if nothing else to ourselves at least
to respect it for what it is, for what it means
and what it does for us, right from our birth
and to the day we cannot longer take it with us?...


Posted by Orion
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Healing Force

Jan 05

The healing force of the Universe
Is always highly responsive
eternally seeking to restore balance and harmony
in every field of suffering
whether it be mental, physical or emotional
but first the path must be cleared
of any unconscious blockages and resistances
that may stand in its way.


Posted by Orion
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2 Jan 05

Development of Awareness
eliminates the need for signposts of security
in every circumstance.


Posted by Orion
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What does God look like

March 08

I like to think that there Is God.

I prefer to believe that there Is God -rather that there is not.

Assuming that there is, i often contemplate on the idea of

"What does God really Look like" ...

I find the personification or anthropomorphic idea
rather childish and far fetched.
It is such an obvious concept of projection
and a rather primitive one born of necessity
desperation and limited perception or imagination.

A baby Hippo looks pretty much like its mum and dad
only so much smaller
A baby Elephant, and a baby Giraffe and a baby Baboon...
and so on ...

God created Man therefore man looks like God?...
therefore God looks like Man???...

God of course created elephant...and hippo...and giraffe...
and snake ...and worm..........therefore???....

No - No - No!...God cannot possibly look like an elephant
or giraffe or ...baboon because Man is the most intelligent
creature and the crown of creation on Earth - therefore......

Yes, on Earth!...but Is Earth All there is?...

How much beyond the Tree and its munching leaf
Is a Caterpillar aware of?...

Surely God must look like a giant caterpillar from that angle
at least until one day the caterpillar changes into a Butterfly
and then can have a wider view and experience
of its surroundings beyond the tree and the leaf.

Personally, I too prefer the idea of personification
because it is easier and much more comforting
to imagine a benevolent Face to turn to at times of need
despair or unbearable pain, rather than ...
...Some One or Some Thing ...without shape, without sound
without colour, or any discernable substance
and completely invisible ...pretty much... like it is right now!...

It appears rather cruel and i believe it is so for any poor human.

Yet, this is where one of our greatest challenges probably lie:

To believe and trust in something that Is and Looks
entirely and unimaginably different!

All seeing, All knowing, All powerful and Ever Present
Creating, Destroying, Ever-changing, yet
Shapeless, Formless, Soundless and Completely Invisible
other than its Parts and Actions in All their manifestations
or totally indefinable even by any of these terms

and like the caterpillar on its small leaf
hoping to one day be transformed into Butterflies
and have a better wider view and perception
of what there really is and of what we are
that are not able to imagine at this stage.

When All man made structures and preconceptions Fall
True vision may be revealed.

In the mean time there is nothing more comforting to imagine
than a benevolent Face to turn to at times of need and despair

And no better one than that of a Benevolent Fellow Man ...

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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March 08

The term 'Food Chain" starkly reveals a very raw
if not cruel to our eyes aspect of Nature.

Every living creature depends for its development, survival
and continuation upon the consumption of another creature
be it a plant or another animal.
Alive or dead...

Every creature, in one way or another
seems to be sacrificed in the process of Nature's Law
and for the purpose of Nature's Plan
...if there is one.

One way I see this process is:

'Life feeding itself from itself
thus continually recycling
changing and perpetuating itself.'

Another way perhaps is the theory
of the process of transmutation of the species
to a higher order in the chain.

Whatever the Real event behind the veil of appearances
and whatever Nature's Plan and Purpose
there is one aspect of it i find difficult to accept
understand or in some way substantiate:

Why must it be done in that way?

Why in a way that appears merciless and cruel?
Why with pain, fear and cruelty of an abrupt death
since every creature will eventually come to a natural end?

Is this possibly one very clear, very dramatic way
bringing to consciousness that death, pain and fear
are only a temporary part and an appearance
in an otherwise veiled continual Process of Transformation
at all levels?

Every creature is naturally equipped
with a sense of fear for danger
and instinct for self preservation and survival.

If All creations are part of a transmutation process
then nothing in reality perishes.

If so, is the sense of danger illusionary
and the instinct of self preservation
serving only a temporary purpose
i.e. preserving
a particular form of expression and manifestation
at a particular point of time?

Even if any of these speculations are true
the question still remains;

Why?...why must it be done in this way?
Why with fear and pain?
Why through a cruel untimely death?

Is it possible that there might be a momentary
merciful revelation of that reality
at the moment of a creature's surrender to death
as perhaps a benevolent touch of Life?...

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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April 08

Some times I feel rather lost when trying to understand
the different aspects of life
the world and all that occurs in it.

Without firm Belief or Faith, even if a false one
it is like traveling in unchartered territories without signposts.

Yet it is often in lost circumstances
that some of the greatest discoveries have been made.

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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June 08

Now and then
The mind unexpectedly opens a door into a strange place
where desolate aspects of self are lurking in the dark

Shadows of some forgotten past.

Like Hecate in the dark cave of the mind
ghost images spinning imaginary spidery threads
inside deceptive mirrors
of a past that cannot not be revisited
and a future that can never be created...

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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Moments of Truth

June 08

How many painful truths
often become disturbingly clear
for just a few fleeting moments

Yet sooner than even the pain has subsided
we choose to close our eyes to them
and carry on as if they never happened.

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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Nov 04

I turn my focus inward and upwards

I let each coming challenge pass like the waves of the beach

Some just merely touch my toes
Some cover over my ankles
and when big tides comes
I feel immersed up to my chest or even higher.

But in the end when all is past
I still remain....

This is the nature of Life.

Alter Ego

Posted by Orion
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Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe
Is in the Center of my Embodied Self.

My Embodied Self is like a dot
In the Center of All Universe

Like a magic ever-changing sphere
every part of it can at any given time
assume the absolute center.

(The Universe is too vast and unknown
and my ability to perceive very limited.

The sensation more appropriately interpreted
is the experiencing of a shift and alignment of consciousness
with a deeper more central part of myself.)


Posted by Orion
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8 Dec 04

There is only Now

And in it
I am discovering and living my Own evolving beliefs
and temporary truths and realities
as they unfold and are experienced
from within a Lost Self
conditioned and imprisoned away for many years.

The time of predetermined games is over...


Posted by Orion
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